our focus area

The market is moving more and more towards short-run, full-colour and high-quality jobs. For these jobs, the raw-materials are a lower percentage of the total cost – it is the cost of skilled labor, and the set-up time and wastage which form the larger percentage. We have sought to address this niche by decreasing wastage and increasing productivity in these short-run jobs by investing in the latest technology. From our computer-to-plate systems, to automatic plate loading every part of the system speeds up your job and makes these short runs feasible. And of course, our skilled work-force is the driving force behind this.

Our less expensive labor costs and our fast set-up times allow us to be very competitive in the short run market when compared to the other players.

Of course, more important than the price is the quality of the printed product. With a skilled and motivated team who believe in giving their best, and with cutting edge technology, we produce world-class printing. We pride ourselves on our quality.

• designers for their high end design work, with an option of using the above value-added
options for making their printed work stand out
• corporates for printing their short-run product and service sell sheets, brochures and
catalogs in high-quality, full color with cost savings.
• print-buyers, for out-sourcing their short-run, full color work at attractive prices
• artists and photographers for their portfolios, art exhibition catalogues



We offer a complete solution for designers, advertising agencies and professional print buyers as a one-stop shop. Take advantage of our quality and highly competitive prices for high-value added, short-run jobs.

Our field of activity focuses on  high-quality print & finishing services with many value-added techniques such as high resolution Frequency Modulation (FM) screening, and eye-catching finishing options such as Spot UV coating, textured coating, die-cutting, embossing, foil-stamping, hard-case binding, etc.

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